Custom Tea Blending

Need a personalised blend for a friend’s birthday?
A one-of-a-kind blend for your organisation, festival or for a special event?
Wedding favours for your special day?
Or just looking to create your own personal blend?

Tea Tastings

Are you a small group of friends getting together wanting to try something different?
Are you an individual wanting to try a variety of teas and tisanes?
Are you a large group wanting a bespoke tea party?
Or are you corporate group wanting to offer tea tastings for a social event or function…

Cool down with our Iced Teas and Cocktail inspired blends

Make some iced teas, mocktails or cocktails at home with our collection of teas and tisanes that are perfect to chill out and quench your thirst.


Gifts Packs and Bundles

Our gift packs and bundles cover every kind of tea to suit every occasion, budget and taste.

Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or for yourself, we can lead you on an adventure through and abundance of taste sensations and flavours.

Our teas are influenced by life.
Our blends are a reflection of our experiences and each blend has a distinctive story to tell.

Herbal Alchemy Co Journal

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